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Everything you need to know about Intra, DNS manipulation, and fixing issues.

About Intra

Q: What is Intra? Why should I use it?

A: Intra is an Android app that gives you safer, more open Internet access. Intra helps protect you from DNS manipulation, a type of cyber attack used to block access to websites and apps, track the sites you visit, and launch phishing and malware attacks.

Q: How does Intra work?

A: Sometimes Internet connections block sites they don't want you to see by manipulating your connection. Without the right protection, they can track the sites you visit, send you somewhere else, or lead you to a dead end. Intra encrypts the DNS queries you make, making sure you get sent to the right place.

Q: What is DNS manipulation?

A: DNS stands for Domain Name System and it helps make up the infrastructure of the Internet. When you browse the web or use apps, your phone needs to convert a name you know, like, into an address it understands. These conversions are called DNS queries. Unfortunately, some internet connections intentionally give you a bad address to block websites or send you to malicious websites. This is called DNS manipulation and it’s one of the most common forms of censorship online. Intra works to protect you from it.

Q: What are phishing and malware? How does Intra protect against these attacks?

A: Phishing is when a malicious site tries to trick you into sharing personal information. This could be done by imitating a site you may normally visit, or by sending you an email disguised to look like it’s from someone you trust. Malware is any software designed with the intent to harm you or your device, such as viruses or spyware. Sometimes, malware can be downloaded by landing on a malicious website. Since Intra encrypts your DNS queries, it can prevent you from landing on malicious websites and stop phishing or malware attacks before they happen.

Q: What are considered “malicious websites”?

A: DNS manipulation has been used to send people to fake websites that encourage them to install spyware masquerading as legitimate software on their computers. These and other websites that try to trick you into giving up your information or installing dangerous software are malicious.

Q: In what cases would Intra not work for me?

A: Intra only helps to protect you from DNS manipulation, which is just one type of network interference. This means that Intra might not restore access to all the sites and services you want.

Q: Is Intra supported globally or limited to certain countries?

A: Intra can work anywhere in the world, but Intra is less effective and reliable in some places. By default, Intra relies on Google services, so if you can’t access Google, Intra might not work.

Q: What information does Intra collect? Are you monitoring my network traffic?

A: Intra does not know your identity, and does not collect any personally identifying information. By default, Intra uses the Google Public DNS server, which deletes all personally identifying information, such as IP addresses, within 48 hours. If you choose a different server, then your network traffic will be subject to that server’s privacy policy.

Q: Who developed Intra?

A: Intra was developed by Jigsaw using Google’s DNS-over-HTTPS service.

Q: Is Intra a VPN?

A: Intra isn’t a VPN, but it does contain a tiny “split horizon” VPN that only protects DNS queries. Apart from DNS, your internet access does not go through this VPN. This arrangement allows Intra to protect your DNS queries without slowing down your internet access.

Q: If I already have a VPN, do I need Intra?

A: If you already have a VPN that you trust, we don’t recommend adding on Intra. If you do have a VPN, you’ll have to disable it to try Intra; you can’t use them both at the same time.

Using Intra

Q: How do I get Intra on my phone?

A: Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Q: Can I use Intra on my computer as well?

A: Intra is only compatible with Android phones and devices that support Android apps, like Chromebooks.

Q: Is there a limit on usage for Intra?

A: No, Intra won’t limit your usage or slow down your connection, so you can always keep it on.

Q: What is the blue graph showing?

A: The blue graph shows your DNS activity over the last minute.

Q: What are “Lifetime queries”?

A: When Intra is enabled, the “Lifetime queries” box shows the number of DNS queries you have made while Intra is enabled.

Q: What are “Recent queries”?

A: When Intra is enabled, the “Recent queries” box shows the number of DNS queries you have made in the last minute.

Q: What is the “Show recent queries” option for?

A: Checking this box will display detailed information about each DNS query on your device in Intra. The collapsed view shows the main part of the domain name, the flag of the country where the domain is hosted, and the time when the query was made. The expanded view shows: - the full domain name of the query - the type (“A” for IPv4, “AAAA” for IPv6) - the latency (how long it took to get an answer) in milliseconds - the IP address and country of the DNS-over-HTTPS server - the IP address and country of the server for the domain in the query

Q: How does Intra know what country a server is in?

A: Intra has a built-in database detailing the countries for each IP address, based on data from under a Creative Commons license. This allows Intra to determine the approximate geographic location of each IP address without contacting any external services.

Q: What’s the difference between Intra and Android 9’s Private DNS support?

A: Starting in Android 9.0, there is built-in support for connecting to a Private DNS server using the DNS-over-TLS protocol. Intra is an app that supports Android 4.0 and later, and lets you connect to a server using the new DNS-over-HTTPS protocol. If you have Android 9.0 or later, we recommend enabling the Private DNS setting instead of installing Intra. If you have an earlier version of Android, or if Private DNS isn’t working well for you, we recommend trying Intra.

Help with Intra

Q: How do I change the DNS server?

A: Go to Settings and tap 'Select DNS-over-HTTPS server'. You’ll see the option to choose one of the built-in servers or enter a custom server by URL. If you enter a custom server URL, it must be the URL of a working DNS-over-HTTPS server that you can access.

Q: I have an app that doesn’t work well when Intra is enabled. What can I do?

A: On some versions of Android, Intra is not compatible with all apps. If you find that an app isn’t working well when Intra is enabled, you can go to Settings and select Excluded Apps in Intra and mark that app to be excluded. Excluded apps won’t benefit from Intra’s protection, and will operate normally.

Q: Intra won’t activate on my phone/Intra keeps crashing. What do I do?

A: If you’re having trouble getting Intra started on your device, reach out to us through Reddit or GitHub.