Intra gives you
safer, more open
internet access.

Intra protects you from DNS manipulation, a cyber attack used to block access to news sites, social media platforms and messaging apps.



More open internet access

Intra lets you access websites and apps blocked by DNS manipulation, one of the most common forms of censorship online.


Protection from digital attacks

Intra helps protect you from phishing and malware. These attacks are used to steal personal information like usernames and passwords or install software on your device by redirecting you to fake websites.


Unlimited protection with one click

Intra couldn’t be simpler to use — just leave it on and forget about it. Intra won’t slow down your internet connection and there’s no limit on data usage.


Technology you can trust

Intra keeps your information private. We don’t track the apps you use or websites you visit.

Intra lets you customize your DNS server provider. You can use your own server, or pick from popular providers like Cloudflare or Google.

How it works

Intra encrypts your internet connection to a public Domain Name System (DNS) server. DNS servers work like a contact list — when you use the internet, your DNS server provides the exact addresses you need to visit a website or open an app.

However, DNS servers can be altered to block access or redirect you to fake websites. By encrypting your connection to DNS servers on your Android device, Intra helps ensure that the results can’t be manipulated, so you can safely access the internet.

Intra works on Android 4.0 and later. Get started in just a few seconds.